Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weird dream about Plymouth

You might think I dreamed about Plymouth because of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving but actually it's a place I like to visit. I've been there many times.
In this dream, I was going by myself and it was August 1. The route I was taking doesn't exist in this world. At a certain point, the highway splits into two (like it does with 95 and 495 to go to Mohegan Sun, except this was in a city) and as I took the right-hand path I allowed myself to get excited. Seems that whatever was to the left-hand fork I went to more often.
As I drove, I started to think that maybe I should have called and confirmed my reservation. Although it's never happened to me in real life, in the dream it seemed like the last time I came to Plymouth by myself my reservation was lost and I was only allowed to stay one night, and the other hotel I was moved to wasn't adequate and I came home. And I realized as I drove that I made this reservation with the same phone call as the lost one.
I parked my car. An astrologer I know came to greet me. In real life she lives in Hartford and doesn't work for any kind of hotel. She was picking up a whole contingent of guests for the hotel. She looked surprised to see me and asked if I had a reservation. I told her I did but she frowned in such a way that I knew she hadn't seen my name on the guest list for that day.
We started walking. I realized that although I had my purse, I had left my luggage in the car, which meant I'd have to walk this long path again. (Not sure why I couldn't drive to the hotel--the Plymouth of my dreams had NOTHING in common with the real Plymouth except its name and the fact that it was on the shore.) We paused for a break by the water, and I walked down a steep path to get to the water, and then another woman and I went out on some rocks because we saw a horse swimming. (Yes, a horse.) On the way back I found this beautiful, perfect shell, a little smaller than my palm, like a mini conch. Janet said the guides (like her) weren't allowed to go into the water and take things. I said, "But can I have it?" I was turning it around, making sure it had no hermit crab or snail inhabitants, which it didn't seem to. She explained that it could have something living in it, and I said it didn't, and could I take it since I wasn't a guide? She never did answer me and I think I took it.
As we were walking, I started thinking about calling Will and telling him there might be a problem, but I decided to wait until I got to the hotel and found out if there really WAS a problem or not. I got to talking with another person heading for the hotel and when I started to pay attention to my surroundings again, they were strange. We were in an obviously very poor neighborhood, heading up a steep hill. The pavement was broken. It was some kind of slum. A dog ran up to me and tried to bite me. It was a yellow dog of some kind. Its owner came up to me and said he was supposed to put the dog to sleep because it had worms but he loved the dog and couldn't bear to have it killed. I said something to the effect that the dog didn't seem to be suffering, and just then the dog fell and had a terrible seizure. The guy explained that was the worms and then we were past him and his dog. I went up to my astrologer friend and said, "Are we taking a shortcut?" and she looked around and saw we were lost.
Now logically, even in the dream, I knew if we back-tracked we'd get to the shore or to a familiar road. But she said she couldn't, we had to go forward. We came to a dead end with a big building which was a police station. We went inside and explained our predicament. The police said they would have to take us into custody until someone from the hotel could come and get us. Basically they were putting us in jail. They wanted to confiscate, I mean, put aside and protect, all of our luggage, they wanted our credit cards and our driver's licenses. I got angry and upset (and secretly glad I'd forgotten my luggage). I tried to call Will at work, home and his cell and he didn't answer. The cop was asking me for my phone. (Now that I think about it, I should have just called the hotel!) He said I couldn't make non-local calls. I was just about to shut my phone when I saw the name "Amanda" on my list. I do know this Amanda (although she goes by initials, not her name) and she lives in Florida, not Massachusetts, but in the dream she lived one town away from Plymouth. I called her and evaded the cop. She was amazed that I called her and concerned when I asked for help. I tried to explain where I was. I went outside, followed by the angry cop, and looked around. Down the hill toward the shore I could see a brand-name hotel (Hilton? Not sure). I told her I would wait for her by that hotel and she said it would take a while for her to get there. I went back inside and found my astrologer friend and explained that I was getting a ride. They were "booking" the hotel guests into jail and taking their stuff. Everyone was very upset. (It also seemed like the group was all women, mostly elderly.) My friend said without a map I wouldn't find my way to the other hotel but I didn't care, I was going anyway.
Unfortunately that's all I got of the dream before waking up. 1 Manik 0 Mac

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