Friday, November 03, 2006

shamanic dream

Last night/this morning I dreamt of being a shaman, of working in a group with other shamans, each of us having our own task, each of us part of a larger whole, like the cells that make up a body.
I lived in a different house, or maybe I was staying there, and we did a healing ritual for Nutter, my white cat (who is not sick in real life, just very very sad that he still can't find his best friend, who died on August 1). After the end of the ritual, I was in a different room, and I saw/heard the back screen door open. I looked outside and there was Nutter. (Nutter hates outside. He has agoraphobia. Sometimes he goes outside by mistake, when the door isn't latched, and basically howls and hides until he's "rescued") I called to my husband to come and catch him (not sure why I couldn't do it) but when he went out there Nutter ran up a hill and into some woods. I looked inside the room where I was watching from the window and there was Nutter in the room. It wasn't him outside at all. I called to Will but he didn't answer me.
The other shamans left. My old friend Beth Jake (not my new friend Beth Jac--well that's confusing) came over. I started telling her how I used to work for Godsmack as Sully's personal assistant. She asked me if I was pregnant and I said my job wasn't to have sex with him, although I had seen him naked. She didn't believe me. She wanted to do a ritual to save some fish, but the other shamans weren't around. I thought I could handle it by myself, playing all the parts. The fish were in a small bowl or large glass. We started the ritual but we kept getting interrupted. Then the water in the bowl started to bubble like it was boiling and the fish floated to the top. I wanted to move them to another glass. There were lots of glasses lined up but I couldn't tell if the water was clean in them. I had to make a choice that might doom the fish. Then I saw another glass but something was going on with the water, some kind of mechanical churning. It was plugged in. I followed the cord into another room so I could unplug it and put the fish in there, but instead of being plugged in, it was hard-wired. Somehow I knew (the other) Beth's husband Scott had done the wiring. I touched the wire and got a shock so I couldn't disconnect it. By then all the fish had died.
Interesting dream to have on the last day of the Tzolkin.

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Michele Lessirard said...

What an exciting dream, found your blog because I get alerts from Bloglines on shamanic healing. What a wonderful rich experience...have you ever read Dreamgates by Robert Moss. It's about going back into the dream shamanically with your power animal or Teacher to uncover more insights.