Wednesday, January 04, 2006

dead miners miracle

Huge headline on


I have sympathy for these people who have lost their family members in West Virgina. I really do.

But there was no miracle, people. Someone misspoke. Or someone misheard. And basically, you were all lied to. That's what it comes down to. Your men weren't alive. They died hours before you were INCORRECTLY told they had survived.

If in fact the 13 men had all survived, and just as the rescuers reached them, the mine finished caving in and killed them, that would be truly heartbreaking. That would be your miracle being taken away.

(I don't much like the word miracle, but I'l lreserve judgement on that for now.)

It's hard to read on the screen print, but to the right of "mine toll hits 12" are these headlines:
"170 feared dead in landslide" and "36 Killed, 40 wounded in Iraqi funeral blast."
Our 12 American dead aren't even blips on the radar screen of the rest of the world. Americans are selfish, selfish people. I clicked on the 170 feared dead, and the actual headline is 190 feared dead. In Indonesia. Brown people. Iraq. Brown people. Katrina. Brown people. No one cares about brown people.

BTW, I am not brown.

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