Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm not the only one

I spoke (online) to one of my shamanism/mayanism friends a few days ago. We hadn't chatted for a while, due to holidays and work, etc. He informed me he is also quitting metaphysics. He owns a small store and he's closing it. I guess he's going to keep selling stuff online, but no more physical location. He's going back to school too and getting a new career, just like me.
We agreed that the really sincere people, like us, who live what we teach and really care, are not the ones who will live long & prosper. That's the charlatans and liars. So much bullshit going around. It gets tiresome to wade through.
Speaking of metaphysicans who prosper, I was checking the Lightworker site to see when Steve and Barbara Rother are coming around. Usually I get an email in November or December for a January visit. No email this year. According to their site, no visit. I know their attendence has been down because the last few years their seminars have coincided with blizzards. I told them to go back to coming in May and forget about January. Maybe they listened to me. (I doubt it--since I'm not doing editing work for them anymore I'm probably not part of their "family" any longer.) But their travel schedule looks really sparse, not like it used to. Maybe they are cutting down.

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