Tuesday, October 04, 2005

selfish or self first?

I feel like I don't want to do anything for anyone anymore.
No hits on this blog or my other two blogs, or on my website.
No nibbles on any of my classes. Even the people who have taken classes and want to advance have been blowing me off or jerking me around.
People say that I have so much knowledge that needs to be shared. But when I offer to share it, no one shows up.
I decided last week to end my monthly Lightworker meetings. No one's been coming lately. And no one in my group made a protest when I made the announcement. Wehn I asked for help to keep the meetings going, only 1 person volunteered and it was for a very small job. My best friend and I started the group years ago but when she had her baby she lost interest and it all fell on me. She doesn't even come to every meeting anymore. I've changed the format, changed the night, no one cares. So that's done.
Right now I don't even know if I'm going to offer any pre-scheduled classes next year. I don't want to. It's such waste of my time to get all hyped up and get no responses.

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David in Houston said...

Hey, I read your blog and post occasionally. Your enthusiasm for the Tzolkin is commendable. Though my life prevents me from being part of any group activities outside of online groups. My personal time is highly devoted to the cultures of Mesoamerica. I live in Houston, David in Houston as you know. So I could not attend any lightworkers seminars anyways. My personal spirituality is not very much appreciated I guess in todays world. People either think I am too much into the darkness or not in tune enough with the darkness.