Tuesday, October 25, 2005

3 Cimi Intention portal (& how to pray) 3 Cimi 4 Zac

Well, we're back in a string of portal days, but these are the flip side. We've recieved, and now we ask for more. Do I need to go over the rules for asking? I think I should.

#1 Give thanks.
#2 Do NOT demean yourself.
#3 Sacrifice

Uh-oh, I said the S-word. If that scares you, you don't understand the word.

Here's how I was taught to pray when I used to be Catholic:
I had to be in church, or on my knees. I had to tell God how great he was. I had to tell God how crappy I was. I had to tell God I wasn't worthy of anything because I was a piece of slime. I had to make insane promises to God that I would never keep. And finally I got to make my request. But even making a request for myself was utterly selfish. Really, I should only pray for OTHER people--because as a piece of slime, I wasn't worthy.

A typical prayer, after the rote saying of the "our father" and "hail mary" and all that:
"God, I am not worthy of the slightest crumb of your attention; I am a bad little girl. I (insert sins here). I will say 10 (insert prayer name here) every day forever if you will just make (insert sick person here) better. This is not for me, but for (him/her)."

Then I learned Huna, and I learned how to pray properly.
1. Always find something good to thank the (energy/diety/angel) for. Do the thanking FIRST. Thank them for rain if it's been dry, or dry if it's been rain, or the recent promotion you recieved, or the out-of-season rose in your yard that bloomed just to say "hi". Thank them for your health (and if you're alive, you've got some!), your wealth, whatever it is that you've got and enjoy.
2. Make the request for YOU. No one cares about you if you don't. If you want your sick (person) to live, it's because you will miss (him/her). If you want a million dollars, it's to make YOUR life better. (We know that you are a good person and will help others with that money, but you can't help if you've got nothing.) You deserve to be well-treated. Don't apologize for your request or list your shortcomings. State your needs. Imagine this: you work with 2 people. One of them is a "poor me--I suck" person who constantly apologizes for everything, is timid and frightened and a martyr. The other person is bold and confident and self-assured. Who do you give the promotion to if their work is equal??
3. And offer a gift. This is the scary S word. If you choose to offer your blood (NOT EVER someone else's!), that's your choice. You can offer any of your essences you want (blood, sweat, tears, semen). You can swirl alcohol in your mouth and spit it on the ground or in a river (in a non-crude way please--no big loogies). You can bury a crystal, leave out food, whatever works. But you must give something up to get something in return.

Back to Cimi. Cimi is change. Change how you ask for things and see what happens!

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