Tuesday, October 04, 2005

8 Chicchan (reflection) & Happy Birthday to my beloved 7 Flower 8 Chicchan 3 Yax

Today is the Celebration day for Chicchan, which is kundalini energy and lower chakra energy. So it's obvious what we are supposed to reflect upon today. Have you been neglecting your lower chakras, ignoring your survival instincts and your body's needs and instead concentrating on your upper chakras and spiritual pursuits? I recently moved my attention to those lower chakras, dispensed temporarily with my weekly therapy and instead am doing 5 hours a week in the gym. Wow. What a difference.

Today's my best friend's baby's first (Julian) birthday (Mayan Birthday 7 Ahau). The energy of 8 Chicchan will guide her next year. As a baby, she can't do much about sex but we can work with her physically, maybe teach her some yoga or tai-chi or chi-gung.

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