Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I might be crazy but I think I saw Viggo Mortensen at the Durham Fair

Not last weekend but the weekend before that, I went to the Durham Fair with my parents and my mom's best friend. We were sitting outside the commercial building right before we went home (so it was maybe 6:15 p.m.) and this guy comes limping toward us. I noticed him from about 20 feet away because he had SUCH a limp. And since I was looking at him anyway, I kept looking. And my first thought was that he looked EXACTLY like Viggo Mortensen. [I won't mention how many times I went to see Return of the King in the theater (5) or how many times I've watched it on DVD since then (uncounted-at least 20) plus the other 2. So I know what he looks like.]

So this poor schmuck is gimping toward me, with this gorgeous chiseled face and this horrible limp, and I have a moment of pity for him. But as he came closer, my only thought was that it WAS Viggo with a fake limp. I had no idea what to say. I just watched him limp by, and he looked right at me and I smiled and he smiled back. And it was totally him, I swear it.

My husband says that I am insane and it wasn't Viggo. (He wasn't there, BTW.) He said what the hell would Viggo Mortensen be doing at the Durham Fair? Why would he be in Connecticut on a Friday night at all?

I didn't tell anyone (until now). But then that Monday night, he was the guest on The Daily Show, which is right in NYC (2 hours away). And his hair was just like I saw it that Friday. Same color/style/cut. And anyone who's a fan of his knows he changes his hair color & style often.

A couple of years ago there was an article in some magazine (Vogue? I threw it away recently, damnit) and Viggo was interviewed IN CONNECTICUT at the Thimble Islands (in Branford--only a few minutes from Durham).

And the final clincher. On Sunday we went to see A History of Violence, Viggo's new movie. In one part he has a hurt foot and he's running, and IT WAS THE SAME LIMP.

And of course, we all know how Viggo likes horses--he bought Brego, his horse from LOTR and he also bought Hidalgo, from that movie. And the Durham Fair is the biggest fair in Connecticut, including horses and such things.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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