Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gary Jennings' new 2012 book

Gary Jennings, one of my favorite authors, has put out almost as many books since he died as he did when he was alive. (Died February 1999.) His newest posthumous offering is coming out in June and is called Gary Jennings' Apocalypse 2012 and is apparently considered part of the Aztec series.
Because GJ is known for writing about the Mayans, right? Well, there was that one section in Aztec where Dark Cloud went south to try to get his eyes fixed. I guess that qualifies.
There is nothing listed on Amazon in regard to the plot or a summary, but you know the minute I saw it on the front page of Amazon under "we recommend" I pre-ordered it. I mean, I have to. It's like a biological imperative.

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Blue Skull said...

I've read all of Gary Jenning's books in the Aztec series. Great books in my opinion. His ability to mix historical fact with fictional characters is amazing. I remember when Dark Cloud got his eye piece from the Maya. Thanks for the tip on this new book. If I was closer to you I would have come and listen to your talk yesterday.