Friday, September 28, 2007


One of the original purposes of this blog was to be a dream record, but it's been a while since I had one worth recording. But this morning I had a doozy.
The initials are real people I know. I don't know who Brian DePalma is or if he's a real person. Snoop Dogg, of course, is a rapper.

I was on 91 near exit 13 and I saw a limo with blacked out windows. I forget who I was with in my car, but that person (female) said, “oh, that’s probably J, out with his girlfriend.” I was amazed. J? Girlfriend? Limo? The person with me said that J had been doing a lot of work for Brian DePalma who owned a funeral home and was some kind of gangster and that he let J use the limos when there was no funeral. And J was pretending to be in the music business and picking up women. He had a baby with a black woman and tried to bring the baby home to his wife to raise. She said, predictably, “fuck that” but why she stayed married to him or put up with it I don’t know. But now he had a different girlfriend, another black woman.
Then I was somewhere talking to C (J’s wife) and she told me that she had a GPS tracker in his car. She seemed kind of wistful when she said that he knew all kinds of good places to “park” (like he had taken her to them at one point) and when she used the GPS locater she’d recognize the places, drive by and there he would be, porking some woman in the back seat of the car. (Not the limo.) Again, why did she allow this? I don’t know.
Then I was in some kind of store. I was looking at the New Haven Advocate. There was an article about J and S, of all people, with photos of both of them, and a colored map showing the places both went and how they didn’t intersect. The story (which was badly laid out, very confusing, and in my dream I was critical of it) said that S made a Facebook page soliciting men with the intent of getting J. I think it was supposed to be something C cooked up (do they even know each other?) but the article didn’t say that. That S got hundreds of responses before J answered. That she met him in a bar, he realized he knew her, and supposedly then the jig was up (how he didn’t recognize her Facebook picture wasn’t explained). It made S sound like a major slut. It also had, on the map, exactly where she lived, in some kind of vegetable growing hippy commune. I knew she wasn’t going to be happy about any of that so I was waiting at this store for her to arrive with her commune. And we had some things we had to give her—can’t remember now what, but it seemed like a big piles of stuff, maybe folding chairs? Something very weird.
She arrived but the commune leader, a big tall woman, wouldn’t let her talk to me. S saw me and came toward me. I waved the article and pointed at the (chairs) and she said the (chairs) weren’t hers and she didn’t want them. I tried to find out what to do with them but she wouldn’t/couldn’t tell me, and then the woman made her go back in line with the other hippies.
A fat white guy who I think was Brian DePalma came into the store with a really skinny black guy who had long braids or dreads down his back. I was looking at the black guy, thinking he looked familiar, when an alarm went off. The black guy completely freaked out and that was when I realized it was Snoop Dogg. I thought, wow, Snoop Dog, but had no desire to meet him or talk to him. He was yelling and waving a gun. The white guy was trying to calm him down.
The alarm was still going off.
A lady with some kind of hand-held device was checking things in the store. She came to a big cabinet on the wall near where I was and the device signaled that the thing causing the alarm was inside. She opened the cabinet and it was full of people’s stuff, like backpacks and bags and jackets. One of the backpacks set off the alarm. She reached into the pocket and there was a brand-new Speak n Spell in a clear slipcase. She held it up and said, “It’s just this, nothing to worry about,” and I went over to look at it closer. I said in a really quiet voice, “it was one of those that started 9/11” (I guess meaning explosives in one?) and she looked at it again and looked at Snoop Dogg, who had stopped yelling and put his gun away. “Let’s not tell him that,” she said, and put the Speak n Spell back into the backpack without even taking it out of its case to check if it was real or a bomb.
Then I noticed a bunch of checks, maybe 9 to12 of them, stapled to a bulletin board and used as a background for a message scrawled in magic marker. I went over to look at them. The checks had a background of whales and dolphins and had all been dated January 2 but I can’t remember what year. They had CC’s name and old address (in Wallingford) on them and the message was something about 2012 but now I forgot what. 17 Chen 4 Muluc

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