Monday, August 06, 2007

Aztec pyramid found

According to this article, one of the many pyramids destroyed by Cortez and his merry band has been unearthed in Mexico city:
Archaeologists have discovered what they think are ruins of an Aztec pyramid razed by vengeful Spanish conquerors in what is now one of Mexico City's most crime-ridden districts.
Construction workers unearthed ancient walls in the busy Iztapalapa neighborhood in June, and government archeologists said Wednesday they believe they may be part of the main pyramid of the Aztec city, destroyed by conquistador Hernan Cortes in the 16th century.
"The main pyramid"? What the Spanish called the Temple Mayor? I thought they already found that--in 1978. The pyramid couldn't be so big that they'd find another piece of it far away. I tried to find a map of Mexico City showing all the various ruin sites, but they were all lame or not functional. 4 Yaxkin 3 Cib

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