Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ahuizotl's tomb found

The tomb of Aztec leader Ahuizotl has possibly been located in Mexico City. I believe he was the Revered Speaker right before Motecuzoma.
Yahoo has a slideshow here (it's a weird pop-up, not sure how the link will work) with a brief blurb that basically says that beneath a stone monolith carved with a representation of Tlaltecuhtli, the Aztec god of the earth, Mexican archaeologists, using ground-penetrating radar, have detected underground chambers they believe contain the remains of Emperor Ahuizotl, who ruled the Aztecs when Columbus landed in the New World.
The AP article says the site is off Mexico City's Zocalo plaza, between the Metropolitan Cathedral and the ruins of the Templo Mayor pyramid. A colonial-era building (built on top of the ruins of Tenochtitlan) fell down in an earthquake, and now archeologists can get to the spot. The archaeologists say Archaeologists say ..they have located what appears to be a six-foot-by-six-foot entryway into the tomb about 15 feet below ground. The passage is filled with water, rocks and mud, forcing workers to dig delicately while suspended from slings. Pumps work to keep the water level down. ... As early as this fall, they hope to enter the inner chambers — a damp, low-ceilinged space — and discover the ashes of Ahuizotl, who was likely cremated on a funeral pyre in 1502.
Ashes aren't as good as a mummy--not much to examine. But still, if there are grave goods --gold and treasure unplundered by Cortez...imagine what might be down there waiting for us?
In the lower right corner of the picture, in Tlaltecuhtli's hand, you can see the 10 dots and rabbit signifying the year 10 Rabbit...1502, when Ahuizotl died. 13 Cimi 14 Yaxkin

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