Monday, July 10, 2006

new cemetery 1 Kan 17 Tzec
Now there's a green cemetery in New York. They're getting closer.
It's not that I want to be eaten by worms. But it's more natural than being pumped full of formaldahyde and then put into a wooden box, a concrete vault and a metal liner to grow mold and lay there for eternity. Maybe the Egyptians would have liked it, but it grosses me out. When I think of my grandpa lying there in his box covered with mold all shrivelly and black 18 years after his death it pisses me off. I'd rather think of him as a clean white skeleton or even entirely dissipated into the earth. And really, honestly, once I die, who will care about my grandpa? No one. Our graves only need to be marked for as long as those who loved us are alive. A tree, a bench, a wooden plaque--all these make more sense than an expensive engraved hunk of granite. And sure, bury someone else in my spot in 50 years. What will I care? Cemeteries are a waste of space the way they are set up now. They might be called "Memorial parks" in some places but parks they are not. And they should be.

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