Tuesday, July 11, 2006

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I saw Ladyhawke last night and the movers are taking her away on August 10, my dad's birthday. She's not even going to stay for the huge gem show at the Big E that weekend. She's given her notice at work and is officially retiring. I am glad for the retiring part--she hates her job--but I am not glad that she's moving so far away. She says it's not permanent, that she might come back in a few years.
And it's still difficult for me to see her sometimes when I think about her age. She's only a few months younger than my dad and the difference is astounding. Part of it, I know, is because she has a lot of very young friends (like me--I graduated with her daughter). The rest, well, simple bad luck on my dad's part. Bad genes. I don't know.
She said when she heard that the guy from Wallingford took out 29 (0r 27) people on Saturday she worried it was my dad until she heard he was 89. I can't imagine my dad being able to drive all the way to New London at this point. He can't even say "Happy birthday."

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