Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 new Jaguar Nights volumes!

Jaguar Nights: A Journey Through the Tzolkin
My 592-page book on the Tzolkin, is available through me or from Amazon.  A Kindle edition is coming soon.  $30.00
The Mesoamerican Tzolkin is a beautiful and simple calendar as well as a system of astrology and divination. Jaguar Nights is a uniquely organized reference book devoted to this sacred 260-day cycle. Each of the 260 days has two entire pages of comprehensive information. No flipping pages to figure out what everything means! It includes advanced information on how to use the calendar for divination augury, relationship compatibility, rituals, astrology, and how to find significant dates (electional astrology), all fully explained. Includes 92 years of correlation date charts (1930–2022). The Tzolkin holds the keys to many doors and to life cycles previously unnoticed. Use Jaguar Nights for two Tzolkin cycles as a personal diary and energy tracker, and as a reference for many years. When you immerse yourself in these alternate time cycles, the world starts to look different. You relate in a new way, you see patterns that you never noticed before. Learn to define your place in the great spiral of time, and find your relationship to the cosmos, with the Tzolkin. Step out of your world for a little while, and find a new set of rhythms to live by. 

Jaguar Nights: A Journey Through the Tzolkin

or Jaguar Nights: Journey on Amazon.

Jaguar Nights 2012
Jaguar Nights 2012 incorporates some new information from the big book. Jaguar Nights 2012 is $16 for a 62-page desk/purse calendar (8.5x5.5"). Each day has the Mayan Long Count, Haab and Tzolkin information, the sacred 260 count, the Aztec Xiuhpohualli (equivalent to the Haab) and Tonalpohualli (equivalent to the Tzolkin), as well as a countdown to 2012. All Tzolkin/Tonalpohualli dates numbered 1, 7, 8, and 13 (the sacred numbers) have energy readings, plus each month has the moon cycles and holidays (national, fun and pagan as well as a few from other religions). 
Kindle edition coming soon.

or Jaguar Nights 2012 on Amazon .

Jaguar Nights Companion #1: Reverse Tzolkin Ephemeris
This e-book is part of the Jaguar Nights series of calendars and books. It is a reverse ephemeris—instead of looking up a Gregorian calendar date to find which Tzolkin date it is, all the Gregorian dates from 1900 to 2060 are ranked by Tzolkin date. Find out when a Tzolkin date last happened and when it will happen again. This can be useful for interpreting divination results, electional astrology, personal guidance, journaling, daykeeping, and more. This is not meant to be a stand-alone book; you need knowledge of the sacred 260-day Tzolkin calendar of the Maya to utilize the information. Only $5.

Reverse Tzolkin Ephemeris on Amazon Kindle.
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