Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Popul Vuh carving found at El Mirador

Archeologists have found a 2200 year old carving in Guetamala that appears to show a scene from the Popol Vuh
(the Mayan creation myth), according to Guatemala News.  Richard Hansen, whose team found the carving, compares it to the Mona Lisa.   The carving is in a structures (sic) that was used to store water and shows a Mayan mythological passage, where the twin heroes Ixbalanque and Hunacpú leave the underworld carrying the head of their father, Hun Hunapú.
Supposedly El Mirador is going to be part of the largest archeological park in the world, called Cuatro Balam (Fourth Jaguar?), which will include over 4,000 pyramids.  That's pretty cool.
Popol Vuh discovery at El Mirador

(picture source=article source; screenprint of original)

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