Sunday, November 23, 2008

new 2012 movie?

Went to see the new James Bond film today and there was a trailer for a new movie about 2012. Basically it showed a monk high on a mountaintop (Tibet, presumably) ringing a giant gong with a log over & over, and the tag line was something like "how would government prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world?" and they show waves crashing over the Himalayan mountains and then it says "they don't".
And then the mysterious find out more, google search for 2012.
No movie address, no plot, nothing.
Here is my guess. I am going to have to go to see that movie in a theater where they don't know me, because I am probably going to get my butt thrown out if they start with the whole "Mayan calendar is ending!" "Mayan calendar predicts the world is ending" BS.

Oh yes, it's even worse than I thought. Here's the website.
Because it might change, here's a screenshot of the first page. Do you see the problem?
Yes, exactly. That is THE AZTEC CALENDAR STONE! ARGH. The Aztec didn't use the Long Count! Let's say that again, louder. THE AZTECS DID NOT USE THE LONG COUNT.
The center of the Aztec sun stone (shown in the screen shot) predicts THEIR end time, which is 4 Ollin (Caban in Mayan, or Earthquake). Not 4 Ahau (12-21-2012). In fact, because 4 Ollin comes around every 9 months, who knows when the world will end?
Here's the trailer:

If it doesn't show, here's the link to it on YouTube.
I'm sorry, I didn't think there was enough water in the world to overflow the Himalayas. Perhaps I have become STUPID in my dotage. I am 40 now, after all.
As I know more about this movie, which is sure to be a travesty since Roland Emmerich is working on it, I will post. 14 Ceh 10 Chuen

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hanum said...

very great film, great technology making. Four thumbs up ^_^