Thursday, May 29, 2008

munay ki rites 7-9

Tonight I had the final 3 rites of Munay Ki. I had the 6th one a week or so ago, and nothing happened. I was disappointed, but it proved to me that I am not some great and holy person with amazing experiences every time I’m in ritual, or get some kind of rite/initiation/attunement.
I didn’t know what, if anything, to expect from rites 7, 8 and 9, which are given in a single session.
For rite 7, I was in a chair, like most of the other ones. Immediately I focused on my feet. I felt like they were growing into the floor, like they had roots. That led me inevitably to the Heartlight Wood. I stepped out of my tree and followed my path, to a cave. This cave was formed out of lava/obsidian. It was very black, shiny and flowing, and looked like a woman’s labia. I went inside the cave. It was filled with water, a glowing blue pool. I entered the pool and was greeted by a dolphin. Although she did not identify herself, I knew she was the spirit of Mother Earth. I expected her to have some kind of message for me, but she merely told me that I needed to swim in the glowing blue water. I was swimming like a mermaid, undulating, not thrashing around with arms and legs like humans swim. The water was exactly body temperature and neutral buoyancy. All of a sudden, the pool was a drop of water, with me still in it, and the drop was watering a tree (my tree, in the Heartlight Wood), and all of a sudden I started crying hysterically, convinced that my father had just been reborn. (The 6 month anniversary of his death was Monday.)
But I wasn’t sad. I felt a profound sense of release, relief and mostly gratitude. It was a good feeling.
For rite 8, I was on the massage table. My thoughts turned to aliens (I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull over the weekend). It felt like thoughts were being put into my head, or my thoughts were being guided. I was thinking about the pyramids and all the structures which some believe were built by aliens. And I knew, like I know my eyes are green, that the aliens share the akashic records with us, and if you know how to access them, you can get the aliens’ knowledge without ever being in direct contact with them.
Then I was walking down a long square corridor, with all sorts of Egyptian-style hieroglyphs on the walls. At the end of the corridor, which I knew was underground, was Isis. She had her arms out, and they were winged. In each hand she had a fist-sized heart scarab. Around her neck was the vulture collar. Her head was elongated in the back like Nefertiti’s, and her eyes were big and slanted, like aliens’ eyes. She started to laugh when she saw me and said “don’t you remember that you wanted to be me when you grew up?” (I did! I used to try to dress like her and everything.) She told me this was a different entrance (different route) to the akashic records, and that sometimes knowledge looks different if you come on it from a different route or through a new source, even the same old information.
For the final rite, I was back in the chair. I was a fairy, sitting in the lotus position inside a purple flower. My elbows were resting on my knees and my chin on my hands. I was sitting on some kind of tuffet, like Miss Muffet. My hair was long, curly and silver, and hung to my butt, between my wings. Because my seat was raised, my wings weren’t being crushed. Around me were spikes of amethyst and quartz. I felt like I had been there for five minutes, or five hours, or five years, or long enough for the crystals to have grown up around me. Outside the flower was a field of other flowers. Some held meditating fairies like me. Bees and other insects and birds flew around, and various types of wildlife. I felt like I knew what every other creature was doing and had been doing and would do while I was in my flower, that all I had to do was extend my consciousness. But I didn’t feel the need. I felt totally connected to everything and yet, at the same time, isolated and protected.
At the end of the 3 rites, I did my Fire Ceremony. I gave everything to the fire, every negative emotion and feeling. I saw the emotions as pointy sharp things that cut me and hurt me. Then a great purple wing (owl? Angel?) swept across those sharp things and blurred them, like a chalk drawing. And I understood that nothing could erase the bad things, but that they could be blunted and softened so I couldn’t remember details and so the sharp edges wouldn’t hurt me anymore.
(image sources: heart scarab, vulture collar)

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