Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Munay Ki 5

I had the 5th Munay Ki rite last night, the so-called "Daykeeper's Rite", which isn't about daykeeping or calendars at all. It's about midwifery and nursing and nurturing and feminine energy. One other woman got the same rite with me.
I was sitting next to the massage table, and I kept getting images of a big jaguar-like cat, yellow with not many black spots, to my right, as if the cat was on (or in place of) the table. The cat's face would shift to a woman's face and back again. The cat told me to ask the person doing the rites about a certain black cat she used to have.
After I recieved the rites, I did a fire ceremony, which is a little ritual where you give your problems to a fire (a candle, in this case) and recieve something back. I didn't know what to give so I just offered everything. When I was taking in the candle's energy I felt led to bring it into various centers of my body with little affirmations. Into my forehead "so I can see the truth" into my throat "so I can speak the truth" into my heart "so I can love the truth" and into my belly "so I can feel the truth". Whatever "the truth" is.
As soon as the other woman was done with her fire ceremony and the sharing began, I asked about the cat: "Do you still have [cat's name]?" The cat in question was old and blind when I last saw him years ago and I was sure the answer would be "no, he died." Instead, she said he was 17 and she still had him, and he was her unconditional love cat. Of course my Zen-zen (also black) was my unconditional love kitty, so I thought of him for a moment and felt a little sad. But she was pretty amazed, wondering WHY I asked about that cat and not her other one. I told her about the jaguar-woman telling me to ask her. She found it really amazing, since the rite is about love that I asked about her "love" cat, and she felt that was a strong message.
Today is 0 Zip 11 Caban (earthquake); yesterday was 10 Cib (Vulture), a good karmic cleansing day, which is why I gave it all to the fire.

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