Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fluffernutter the Wonder Cat 18 Uo 8 Oc
Most likely, the mass in Nutter's lung is cancer. :(
He will be 14 in August and we've decided against surgery or anything invasive to prolong his life.
Right now he doesn't appear to be in pain, he eats like a piggy, he seems as happy as he's been since he lost Zen last year...if it hadn't been for that weird fever last month I'd never think he had a terminal disease.
Am I sad? Of course. Some afternoons I lay in bed with Nutter purring beside me and sob. I still miss Zen so much. I know Nutter misses him too, and that's played a big part in our decision not to have his lung removed and to aggressively treat the cancer.
Ironically, other than the tumor, he is very healthy for his age.

The picture is one I took a few months ago with my camera phone. It looks good on the tiny screen but on a PC monitor it's very dark with a green tinge. I changed it to bw and cropped it.


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