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The Breakthrough Celebration, May 15-29, 2007 A Cascade of Peace Events 13 Men 3 Zip
(more info on the May 22 event I posted yesterday)

The Breakthrough Celebration, May 15-29, 2007 A Cascade of Peace Events

by Carl Johan Calleman

We are now rapidly approaching the exact midpoint of the Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld (May 22, 2007 in the Gregorian Calendar), a point in time of a potential profound shift and breakthrough into peace and balance brought by the incoming energy of this Fifth day.
The Breakthrough Celebration around this significant shift point will occur over an extended period of time, May 15-29, 2007, to allow the aspirations for peace that are now surfacing in a new way to be expressed for more than a single day. There are also practical considerations such as weekends in the modern calendars of the world that must be taken into account to allow for maximal participation.
The peak of the peace events will at any rate take place during the days May 19-22. The 19th may be a day of preparation and creation of intentions, followed by May 20 (the World Peace Day), May 21 (the Jerusalem Hug) and May 22 (the World Tree or Medicine Wheel Day).
This last day is 5 Ahau (Ajpu) in the Mayan calendar and fire ceremonies will be performed among the Maya to bring peoples of the four directions together in peace.

This cascade of events may be used as a guideline by everyone who wants to focus in concord with the worldwide Breakthrough Celebration. Yet, the idea is not to have a rigid organization of this cascade, but to support creativity everywhere. Having said that it is recommended that those inclined to participate try to gain the relevant information as soon as possible rather than to wait until the last moment to find out what is happening. The purpose of this Breakthrough Celebration is both an end in itself and an exploration of new territory. What many will want to explore is the possibility of manifesting a peaceful external reality by the creation of an inner peaceful state. The scale of these events will, despite many qualifying factors, allow us to test the Hundredth Monkey hypothesis that a high enough number of people focusing on, or actually being, peace may have an effect on the future of the planet. I feel it deserves to be pointed out in this context that the focus of this Breakthrough Celebration is not anti-war, but being in peace, if nothing else because the anti-war intention takes the existence of war for granted. It is by being peace and creating peace in ourselves through any of the many spiritual practices to be used that we can help introduce peace in the collective consciousness of humanity. Thanks to the painstaking work of Joseph Giove, who has co-ordinated much of these efforts, we also have some hopes to find some objective verification of the effects that these meditations may have on the external reality.
I feel by far most of the participants in this cascade of events will take part because they want to contribute to a peaceful future for the planet and turn things in the right direction. Yet, it is
not an accident that they are coming together at this very time. These events happen against the energetic background of the divine plan as this may be understood from the Mayan calendar. For the serious student of the different Underworlds of evolution in this calendar system it is obvious that the Fifth day, ruled by the energy of Quetzalcoatl, holds a special Breakthrough quality in any of the Underworlds. The fact that already at this point so many people have pledged to participate in the meditations around the midpoint of this Fifth day in the Galactic Underworld is very telling. Although this Breakthrough Celebration has been prepared for by the Oneness Celebration (June 6-8 2004) the Midlight Meditation (June 1-2, 2005) or the entry point of the Breakthrough Celebration (May 27-28, 2006) this earlier events were of a considerably smaller scale than what that of the midpoint of the Fifth day.
This is not an accident and it has been predicted since long because of the very breakthrough nature of the Fifth day. A great value of the Mayan calendar is that knowledge of it will help people be aware of their relationship to the divine time plan. The particular Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld is conducive to a breakthrough in the balancing of the two hemispheres of the human mind and of the planet, something that by itself may prepare for a quantum jump to
oneness and peace. Yet, the way I look upon it, peace or balance will not come automatically in the Galactic Underworld, because in this Underworld human beings are attaining a state of consciousness where we are no longer puppets of the divine plan. We have, in other words, on this level to make a choice, collectively speaking, as to whether we are going to manifest the reality of Oneness and Peace that the divine plan creates the possibility for. There is thus a
tremendous value with every person that makes this choice and will work to see it come into fruition.
The closer we come to the fulfillment of the divine creation process late in 2011 the more difficult will predictions be, because at the level of the Galactic Underworld increasingly more will depend on the choices human individuals make. This may sound quite paradoxical, but personally I do not believe in either of the simplistic views ("we totally create our own reality") or ("everything is pre-determined" ). Especially in the present Galactic Underworld the future of the planet depends on an interaction between energies of time that are conducive to a certain reality (as we may learn from the Mayan calendar) and the choices that human beings make and especially the inner reality that they create.
It may be argued that external peace (absence of war) is not the most urgent challenge facing humanity at the present time. As was pointed out by Don Alejandro in his recent message environmental concerns may now be more pressing for the survival of the planet. Yet, the peace meditations around the midpoint of the Fifth day is about supporting an inner change and the creation of a new coherent field of consciousness. Hence, it is possible that such a field will
bring about positive effects also when it comes to other things that plague our planet. A state of Oneness by itself is about breaking down not only perceived barriers between people, but also between the human beings and nature that ultimately are behind global warming and other threats to the planet. Hence, in my opinion, peace, being peace, is a focus as good as any for this Breakthrough Celebration.
The second half of the Fifth day (May 22 - November 19, 2007) of the Galactic Underworld may be expected to be energetically favorable for a rapid broadening of the desires and manifestation of peace in the world. Needless to say, not everybody will be part of this process and many will resist it. Yet, the parallel especially with the Fifth day of the PlanetaryUnderworld (1913-1932) is natural to make. The first half of this saw a hard resistance to the breakthrough of the modern world with its democracy, a resistance especially manifested in World War I, where the old empires sought to hold on to power. The second half (1923-32), however, was the time when this resistance was flooded by the new collective desires for collective participation in the rule of nations and a new freedom. If we are able today at the midpoint of the Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld to prepare the ground for peace something similar may emerge in our own immediate future. For this to happen we need not only to walk our talk, but actually be our talk of peace of oneness, and if we are we may be part of co-creating with the divine an flooding of peace.
Carl Johan Calleman is the author of The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004).

And no, I'm not a big fan of his work. But this seems important enough to post.

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