Friday, January 12, 2007

time distillation or times a' changin' 5 Oc 3 Muan
I've been told for years that time is speeding up, that we only have 16 hours now in a day but because of the way reality has skewed our clocks are skewed too. But our bodies aren't, and that's why we're tired and feel overwhelmed.
But lately I feel the exact opposite. I feel like I am moving very quickly, or that time is moving very slowly. Things take way less CLOCK time than they seem to. I mean things I am actively doing--not waiting in line, or sitting through commercials. I got the new Thomas Harris novel Hannibal Rising (the prequel to the other Hannibal Lector books like Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal). I read it cover to cover in a little under TWO HOURS. 336 pages. The new Stephen King book Lisey's Story I just read in about 4 hours. 528 pages.
It seems like my thoughts go faster than the outside world, which would explain why commercials seem to go on forever. There are certain commercials I loathe and always mute. If I am reading and only listening to the TV (like if it's a comedian or a show I've seen before), I mute it, read a few pages and then unmute it...and the same commercial is on. Are these 5 minute commercials or am I reading 2-3 pages in 30 seconds? Even if I'm not reading, if I'm curled up falling asleep and I do that, it still seems to take forever.
I don't know what to think about any of this...just sharing to see if anyone else has felt this or if it's just me.

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