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Incan Shamanism--free info 9 Imix 14 Kankin
I took mini-class in Incan shamanism last night (on the full moon). The woman who led it, Gail Gorelick, told us to teach it to as many people as possible.
So here it is.
This information is part of the North American Ceque Project.
After a lot of instruction (below) we went on an unguided shamanic journey (to drumming) to find our Birth Mountain and our Birth Water. (I will detail mine at the end.)
Her handout information is in color. The handouts were hand-written and sometimes hard to read, especially the foreign words.
We will journey to find your Itu Apu=Birth Mountain and Itu Pacurina=Birth Water.
Call in the 4 directions & create sacred space
Build an Itu-Apucheta (stone altar) to these sacred places, then build one at your home & feed it by placing offerings there: flowers, herbs, water, tobacco, essential oils, cornmeal, etc., for 28 days. (Itza, in other words.)
Your home apucheta=7 stones from each of your sacred places. (Note: blow your prayers into each stone while building them.)
Your main apucheta is your itu apu & itu pacarina can be 49 stones as it is in the Incan work (or you can journey to your helping spirits for an amount which is right for you.)
Please bring back 2 extra stones from your apucheta site, 1 for Big Turtle Aiju in Jupiter Farms, Florida, and 1 for Little Turtle Aiju in Trumbull, Connecticut. We are creating a prayerful web of Ceque/Energy lines. (not ley lines)
Prior to building your apucheta, cleanse your energy body by opening the 1) belly 2) heart 3) head in a counterclockwise direction then annointing it with water from y our Itu Pacarina. Then cleanse these 3 areas energetically in a clockwise direction. Seven days is recommended or journey on it.
Not a lot of information, I know. So I will expand on it. This is MY understanding, based on what I was told last night.
We all have an energetic connection to 2 places, a mountain and a body of water. This may be where our soul entered this world for the first time, where it will leave it, or some other connection.
Using your animal helper/totem animal/spirit guide, go the place where you meet him/her/it/them (I used the basic HeartLight Wood meditation to take me to the Heartlight Wood, since like I said, the mediation was unguided except by drums). Ask it (for simplicity's sake) where your birth mountain and birth water are. (They may not be in the same place.)
Once you know, you have to physically go there (if possible). At the water, you have to bring back a sample for the cleansing described above. (Someone can send it to you if you can't make more than one journey there.) Once you are cleansed, you visit the water in person and make a little stone altar with the number of stones indicated by your guides. You must blow a different prayer into each stone. Then take 7 extra stones from that place for your home altar, and 2 extra stones to share with the group, and bring them home with you. I got a strong message that at the beach you can use coral, shells and driftwood to build your altar, and someone else in the group actually said they were told to use shells at the beach for their altar. I assume that means you can bring 7 (9) of those same type of item home with you.
You also need to visit your birth mountain. Same thing, build an altar with stones you find there, blow a prayer into each, take 7 (9) home.
At home, you build your 14 stone altar (or add to an existing altar or sacred place, like my Mayan healing/meditation Circle). Blow a prayer into each stone. Feed it with itza for 28 days every day (and then I'd give it offerings on a regular schedule--full moons or according to the Mayan-Aztec calendar or the 8 holy pagan days).
Send or bring your extra 2 stones to Gail (I won't publish her address or email here but will share on request). If you're doing this through me, I'd appreciate a stone for MY altar too, so make it an even 10 you pick up...!
Not addressed: if you are not allowed to bring back material from the place. (Like Grand Cayman Island, where they check your bags for shells and coral and turtle products at the airport. Or the whole Hawaiian Pele curse thing.)

My shamanic journey:
I was thinking that I'd probably get Sleeping Giant for my mountain, and either Long Island Sound or the Quinnipiac River for my water. I was hoping. Or I'd get something in Hawaii or Mexico that would "require" me to go there (would it be tax-deductible as a business trip, I wonder? "I had to go to Hawaii to my sacred mountain and to the Yucatan to my sacred cenote--honest. I HAD to.") Nothing old world for me (Europe/Asia)--I didn't even think of Australia. I guess an connection to Egypt wouldn't have surprised me much either...
Like I said, I did my own quick version of the start of the HeartLight meditation and got myself to the forest to meet Edward, who was in tiger form, a very pale golden tiger, not a bright orange one. He led me straight through the Heartlight Wood to the beach. Across it was an island. (What's there changes every time. It's like a staging area.) It was volcanic. The cone had collapsed into a flattened shape that was about twice as tall as the trees at its base. The edges weren't beach, just black rock going into the water. (Maybe caves?). The water around it was not the greenish-turquoise shade of the Caribbean, it was much more blue, but still clear. and warm. The volcano was NOT active.
Edward told me that was my birth mountain. He explained that it existed so long ago it never had a name, and that it no longer exists now. I had the impression it was during Pangea, because the next thing he said was that back then all the oceans were one, and it's been so long that any water is my birth water. There is no "place" for me to go. It's everywhere and no where.
I found this picture of a volcanic island called Camiguin. It's not right, but it's better than I could draw. The mountain itself was much darker, almost black, and the tree line was more even. The top of the caldera was also more even. And the water was more blue. And obviously no other island right next to it. (Even if that picture had been accurate to what Edward showed me, the island was much farther away from the beach.)
photo source

I have done so much earth working with Merlin as part of my Shamballa Multi-dimensional healing teaching/learning that most of this was familiar to me (not the terminology but the concepts).
Hari Baba Melchizedek said years ago that no one needs to leave their homes to do earth work anymore. I used to teach the whole way of etherically implanting a cleansed crystalline matrix (12 pointed) into the earth as part of level 3/Advanced Healer. With the change to Shamballa Basic, it's been taken out, but I intend to teach it as a separate class because the knowledge is valuable.
So I know I could go back in time and find this island and build a matrix there. And one in the water too, and they would still be connected to me in this place and time, and all the other places and times I've been incarnate.
I was part of Steve Rother's Web of Light experiment a few years ago, to set up an etheric web of energy between lightworkers. (I can't find it online anymore but it used to be on
And the concepts of how the energy flows along those lines (ceques, she called them,--aka cords, in Huna) is also very familiar to me, and another concept I've taught in Shamballa MDH and also used in my Mayan-Aztec readings.
So was it a waste of my time? No. It's always interesting to see information from a different angle. I will do the etheric placement of the stones, and place more at Gail's and in Florida.
And I've told people about it. Feel free to contact me, as always. If you use comments, put your email address if you're commenting anonymously.


Urban27 said...

Wow I was there and I don't remember all of that. You have an amazing mind!

Gail said...

Hi Bert ~ You did a great job with this!! So sorry about the hand writing. It is Ita Pacarina for birth waters.You are a great writer and the photo of what your ancient landscape looks like is awesome!Your journey was amazing.In my training we do not do guided journeys so that each person can find there own inner landscape! Blessings, Gail

Michael said...

Gevera --
Surfin', I stumbled on your web site. I think of myself as a pragmatist, nevertheless, I'm not quick to dismiss the unexplainable.
A year ago I had an abbreviated ephermis done ... it was pretty much right on the money! And 14 years ago I had a Remarkable, CLOSE encounter with a Red-tailed Hawk (a female), its wingtip less than 16" from my eyes, and as she passed, she turned her head and cast me a Bold look with her golden eye (I'll remember that moment 'til the day I die), and, her intensely glistening / shimmering red & copper feathers!
I knew in that instant that 1) She was my Totem, and 2) my Goddess had sent her to me! I now have a tattoo of that bird on my right hand. Yes, such things are "unexplainable", but they are still very R E A L . I would like to discover what my Mayan spirit animal is ... and see if there is any correlation with "my" Hawk ?