Thursday, December 07, 2006

Apocalypto angers Maya people 8 Ix 7 Mac
A day before it's released, Mel Gibson's movie is already controversial.
I'd go see it regardless, but I find the debate interesting. And it's certainly more interesting (to me, anyway) then reading about Britney's Spears' naked crotch. (shudders).
Much like his bloody epic about the death of Christ, a new Mel Gibson production about the collapse of the Mayan civilization is angering members of the culture it depicts even before it hits the screen. ...
Now indigenous activists in Guatemala, once home to a large part of the Mayan empire that built elaborate jungle cities in southern Mexico and northern Central America centuries ago, say his film "Apocalypto" is racist.
From my understanding, the film starred only native Maya people. Did they have a problem being in the film or being depicted that way?
Only trailers for "Apocalypto," which will be released on Friday, have been shown in Guatemala, but leaders say scenes of scary-looking Mayans with bone piercings and scarred faces hurling spears and sacrificing humans promote stereotypes about their culture. ...
Richard Hansen, an archeologist who Gibson consulted on the making of the film, says the director took pains to ensure authenticity and historical accuracy.
The entire script is spoken in Yucatec Maya and the star is a Native American dancer named Rudy Youngblood. Gibson's use of indigenous actors has won praise from Latino and Native American groups in the United States.
You know what? You can't ever make everyone happy.
I never saw The Passion of the Christ. Know why? Not because it was controversial. Not because I think Mel Gibson is or isn't a racist. But because I have no interest in a film about Jesus (except Monty Python's Life of Brian).
The Maya? They're my thing, I guess you can say. I hope the calendar's in it. I'll find out this weekend. Look for my movie review!

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