Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mayan-themed dream (6 lamat)

This morning I had a kind of strange Mayan-themed dream.
I was in Mexico somewhere, at these ruins. Except that they'd turned them into a kind of theme park. When you snorkled or dived you could listen to a tape telling you what to look at (like in a museum) and they also had rides and clowns and a single hyacinth macaw (the huge blue ones).
I was going to go snorkeling with a bunch of people (people I know, but I don't remember who they were now) and take pictures of the ruins (did I mention they were underwater mostly?). But I couldn't find all my gear at once. I'd find my mask, but not my camera, or my snorkel and not my mask, etc. So all the people in my group left without me.
Eventually I managed to get everything together at once and went down to where you get into the water, and it wasn't easy. There were no stairs or ramps. It was just a concrete retaining wall with the water underneath it and the pyramid off to the side. I figured I could jump in okay but how would I get back out? I jumped in and started adjusting my equipment and looking into the water when I noticed that my camera's yellow underwater housing wasn't closed properly because it was broken, and it was broken because someone had borrowed it and obviously damaged it. Immediately I started worrying about my expensive digital camera inside the houseing, but when I went to the edge of the pool and opened the housing, the camera wasn't even in there. So I gave the broken housing to someone to put aside for me (and hoped no one would steal it, although it has no value unless you have the special camera which fits in it).
I didn't want to listen to the commentary tapes & I was upset that I couldn't take pictures but I started swimming around anyway. There were lots and lots of really pretty fish, brightly colored, purple ones, yellow ones, red ones. I realized I was more interested in the fish than the ruins, and why not? The ruins were just building blocks. No statues or glyphs or paintings. I swam along the bottom of the pyramid and started down the hill (yes, the water was on a hill, can't explain) toward the actual beach and more ruins and pyramids out in the ocean. (That's when I saw the macaw and the rides, from the hilltop vantage point.) I met all my friends coming back and they were saying how they swam all the way out into the open ocean to the ruins out there but it was too far for me to go alone, and no one wanted to go back with me.
And then my husband woke me up.

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