Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cruise 2012: Grand Cayman (NOT!) and homeward bound

All night the boat was heaving and groaning. Since we were so low we heard lots of water rushing, and things clanking around. Not surprising that early in the a.m. Jacques the lisping cruise director said we’d be getting into Grand Cayman at 10:45 instead of 10:00 due to the waves, and that we’d dock elsewhere than Georgetown but no shore excursions would be rescheduled. Ours was at 11:30 so we weren’t worried. It was the only one we were doing with our friends—Reef and Ray Snorkel—and we were really looking forward to it, because we love Grand Cayman and the sting rays there.
Just before we were ready to follow our ticket, our friends called. They had been in line at the excursion desk and found out that all the snorkeling tours had been canceled. We were sad to miss our sting rays but we’d still get to walk around, buy cigars and rum cake right?
By the time our friends came down 1 level to our room, they had announced that, although 5 tender boats were circling the Liberty waiting to take us all off, we weren’t going to Grand Cayman. It was RIGHT THERE outside the window and we couldn’t go. Will was so angry. He really loves Grand Cayman and he was feeling better and he promised his friends at work good cigars. Our plan was to go to the comedy show that night, 3 comedians back-to-back for 3 hours, after dinner. We all went to the pool, since we had bathing suits on, and while there, Jacques announced that the comedians had been waiting on Grand Cayman to be picked up and thus…no comedians either. We were all mad. We had to wave goodbye to our favorite destination without going there, not knowing when we’d be back, and no comedians either!?
So it was two days back to Miami. The pool water had all sloshed out so that day after Grand Cayman I didn’t spend much time in the pool. The second formal night, the night we didn’t go to Grand Cayman, had no lobster for my hubby. The next day they had refilled the pool so I worked out for over an hour in the early morning before it got too hot. We ate at the burger bar for lunch again, our usual spot, indulged in the Chocolate Buffet after that, had our last dinner in the nice dining room, watched Pirates of the Caribbean for a while, while the pool water sloshed out around us—I saw video when I got home of a Disney cruise and the pool wasn’t half as violent, I didn’t even think of video taping the pool! Packed up, headed home, feeling very sad.  (more under the pics)

One thing that really bothered my friend and me was that the Carnival Liberty's decor was so UGLY.  Pictures don't do its ugliness justice. Who designed this ship?  Were they blind or high?  Were they freshmen in high school?
Here are more pics that weren't discussed & thus ends this chronicle.

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