Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lego Fun--movie scenes

One of my friends does some work for Lego occasionally so I am always on the lookout for Lego-related items to send her.  And I am depressed and baffled still over the loss of Hogan, my perfect little perfect lorikeet.  So these pictures, found believe it or not on a natural health forum called NatMedTalk, cheered me up.  They are famous movie scenes done with Lego bricks.  Here's Titanic.  I used to LOVE that movie; haven't watched it in years. I'd probably cringe now!
And Edward Scissorhands:
Some people have too much time on their hands, that's all I can say.  But I'm glad they do, especially on days when I am down and need a laugh.
Funny that I never owned any Legos.  I had some kind of cheap generic type as a child.
(Both pictures are hosted on Flickr, BTW.) 

Off topic: I've entered almost 200 books, mostly new age, onto my book sale list.  Please check it out.  I still have an equal amount to list so look often.

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