Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Montezuma's palace found (story)

Montezuma’s palace unearthed in Mexico!
Workers repairing a colonial era building in Mexico City (ie, a building built by the conquistadors on top of Tenochtitlan after they had destroyed it) were somehow amazed to find a bit of Tenochtitlan underneath.
During a routine renovation project on a Colonial-era building, experts uncovered pieces of a wall as well as a basalt floor believed to have been part of a dark room where Montezuma meditated, archaeology team leader Elsa Hernandez said Monday....
The Aztec constructions were razed by the Spanish, who built what is now Mexico City atop their ruins. Experts had long thought Montezuma's palace stood roughly on the site where the ruins were found, next door to the National Palace, Hernandez said.
Imagine that. It was just where they thought it was. Did they ever bother to LOOK?
The basalt floor likely belongs to the Casa Denegrida, or the Black House, which Spanish conquerors described as a windowless room painted in black, Hernandez said. The emperor was believed to have reflected there on visions recounted by professional seers and shamans.
That's pretty cool. I was supposed to open a business with a friend (now ex-friend) about 9 years ago and we were going to paint her root cellar black, pad the floor and use it for a meditation room. I guess I channeled that from ol' Monty, huh?

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