Thursday, February 14, 2008

dream about my parrots

This morning I had a dream about my parrots.
I was outside for some reason with Lance. He was free. (I would never do that, for many reasons. One, he is old [20] and not in the greatest of health, two, he could not survive if he escaped. He loves kitty-cats and is totally unafraid of them, plus he has no idea how to forage for food.)
We were in a place that doesn't exist, at least a place I've never been. There was a road, and beyond it a river, and lots of rocks. Lance flew away from me and got hit by a car. I couldn't find his body and I knew he was in the grill of the car. I had no idea if he was dead or alive, but I hoped the collision had killed him, because thinking of him broken and alive, stuck to a car broke my heart.
I tried to convince myself that it was instant, he never knew what hit him, and it was better for him to die that way than suffer through a bad liver or set of kidneys like most of my other (dead) lories.
I crossed the road and started searching along the banks of the river, in case his little body had been thrown in the water, but I still didn't find him.
So I went back to where I had my other lories. In the dream, Goober was still alive, although she's been dead in real life almost 2 years. I found an egg and for some reason I thought it was Lance's egg, although he is male and (in life and in the dream) has no mate. I worried what would happen to the egg so I decided to give it to Goober and Zeebo to care for. I don't know if it happened when I was picking it up or putting it down, but the egg broke. Instead of yolk or dead baby, two amazingly tiny baby birds--twins!--came out. Instead of being round and fluffy with white down as newly hatched lory chicks are, these looked gangly and had the black dots of new pinfeathers, like a baby bird who is several weeks old, but they were amazingly tiny (a lory egg is maybe the size of my first thumb joint, so a new chick is also that size--these were half that size). As far as I know, birds can't hatch two to an egg either.
I started freaking out over these newborn twin baby Lance-birds, thinking I needed to go out and buy some hand-feeding formula, and worrying that Zeebo (who is a lunatic) would hurt them, when Lance landed on my shoulder, alive and unharmed.
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