Monday, April 30, 2007

Abundance thoughts 9 Etznab 6 Uo
I've had some major abundance issues over the past few years (except when it comes to "bad" things, which I have plenty of). Mostly about money, obviously. That's what abundance issues really means in new-age speak. I lack money.
Now, finally, Will's got a real job, starting today, with all kinds of great insurance and perks.
As soon as I heard that last week, even though technically our financial situation won't REALLY change for a few months, I started THINKING differently about money.
What happened?
I've been needing new tires for my Pathfinder. I've got part of the money set aside, but I don't have the special key to get the lug nuts off, so I haven't spent the money on tires. I picked out some at Town Fair for $109 each plus all the extras. This weekend, a friend offered me, for FREE, tires for both the Pathfinder and Will's Santa Fe. That's $900 in savings--I only have to pay to get them mounted and balanced. Even after getting both cars done, I'll have money left over from what's set aside in the "tire fund."
I found a $10 on a bench yesterday.
Two of my 3 students overpaid me this weekend for the Shamballa Healer training (a new workshop). Obviously they think it was worth what they gave me, but it was more than I ASKED them for.
One of my students bought me dinner on Friday, and another paid for lunch for the whole group on Sunday.
Now that I can AFFORD to have my broken tooth fixed, and go to the physical therapist, now I have INSURANCE to pay for all that.
So there really is something to the power of thought and creating reality.

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