Friday, March 09, 2007

Jaguar Nights 2008 calendar & Myspace 19 Kayab 9 Cimi
I'm working on Jaguar Nights 2008. It's going to be in a different format; instead of a wall calendar it will be a 5.5" x 8.5" desk/briefcase/purse calendar, with 80 pages rather than 36. 1 week per page (2 weeks per spread) plus the rest of the pages will have all the extra information and more from last year. Full color cover--a drawing of a jaguar I'm still working on--and hopefully available everywhere, not just through Amazon. The price will be slightly higher (probably $15 vs $13) because of the additional costs to print so many pages.
I still have (very few) 2007 calendars left. Order through the link to the right or through my website.

I am putting together JN 2008 while perched on a 75 cm bright green yoga ball with my cat on my shoulder, on my chest, on my neck...basically on me, purring and being cuddly. So if you've seen me lately, and seen that my neck and throat area are scratched up, you know why. I tried putting those plastic nail caps (fake nails for cats) on Nutter's back feet and he would rip them off. I'd put them back on, he'd pull them off. Finally I got the hint and gave up and I just bleed for his affection. He misses Zen so much. And so do I. It's been 7 months.
ASIDE: If you are interested in using a yoga ball as a chair (it's very good for your back and abs and it burns calories because you have to shift constantly to keep your balance) this is an awesome one. Burst strength of 1100 lbs means no fear of popping from having an over-large butt (like I do). Only comes in green (the purple one is 65 cm--I have that one too, for watching TV on). I sound like an ad...I'm not, I promise. I just like it a lot.
I have also started a Jaguar Nights myspace page: Basically its blog is a clone of my Jaguar Nights blog--I'm just doing it to network and find more customers/more interested people. Not much on it yet, but if you've got a myspace page feel free to add me as your friend. I've got a "personal" page too, just cuz.

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