Friday, February 02, 2007

Thoughts on Abundance & Global Warming 13 Chuen 4 Pax
With the new reports that have come out "proving" global warming (I put that in quotes because it's so self-evident it shouldn't need to be proved), I started thinking about the concepts behind abundance.
I saw the 2012: Odyessy movie a few weeks ago. One of the speakers, Alberto Villoldo, spoke about the earth in terms of the four ancient elements. He said we've polluted all the Water, polluted all the Air, washed away or poisoned the topsoil (Earth), and as far as fire goes, what do you call global warming but the element of Fire being out of balance? I thought it was very clever and very to the point.
But all the teachings I've read/absorbed/been told about abundance say this shouldn't be the case.
Here's an example from somewhere (if you recognize it, let me know the source):
If you have a five dollar bill and you put in a piggy bank, you have a five-dollar bill. That is not abundance. That is stopping the flow of abundance. If you SPEND your five-dollar bill on a paperback novel, you have a paperback worth $5. The merchant has $5. Your $5 has doubled. (I know nothing about economics and I'm not entirely sure I'm understanding this correctly.) That merchant can put your $5 into his piggy bank, or buy two $5 novels at wholesale price. Etc. So spending money moves the economy and creates abundance for all. Hoarding money stops the flow.
New-age people say there is enough of everything for everyone. No one should be in lack. Lack is a state of mind which draws the same to it. If you love doing something, there are people willing to pay you to do it. The universe will provide.
But look what we've done to the poor earth. No space ships are coming with giant Whisper filters to attach them to the oceans and clean out the pollution, no one's got giant air cleaners, no UFO's full of topsoil are scheduling to be arriving any time soon, and definitely no one's coming with a big planet-size air conditioner.
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