Tuesday, April 25, 2006

new birdie 3 Lamat 1 Uo
I just made arrangements to buy another lory.
Not that I want to have five birds. It's just that I honestly think Lance will die if he's alone any longer. He's ripping out his feathers which he has NEVER done. And he knows I don't like it because he does the feathers under his wings and on the back of his legs where I can't really see and if I catch him he pretends not to be doing anything.
And he's hardly talking. Since Gwennie died in August, he's only given me his foot a couple of times (he still gives Willy his foot so I'm not sure what's up with that.) Although on Saturday afternoon he did talk quite a bit--I think he was happy to get a clean cage.
I'm getting a 12 year old red lory named Molu. He loved Scarlett so much, I know he will be happy with this bird. She talks and is hand-fed. She's coming in on Friday from Oklahoma.

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